About Us


For the past 4 years, the RION brand has defined and redefined the category for the world's ultimate hyperscooter.  With models like the RE60, RE90, Thrust, and NOIR, RION created scooters that surpassed the performance of the more common commuter scooters that have populated city centers as well as rural areas, all over the world.

Production and supply chain issues during Covid prevented the execution of many of Rion's assemblies, slowing production and increasing the time required from ordering to fulfillment.

Now with Covid mostly behind us, the RION brand and it's assets have been assimilated and reborn, with new funding, design, and leadership from LEO Personal Electric Vehicles (LEO PEV, LLC). Supply chains are in place and we can now continue assembly of each unit by hand, here in Southern California. 

With it's ground-breaking, futuristic design and reality-distorting hyper performance, the APEX is poised to retake the throne as the world's most capable and desirable hyperscooter. 

Look for more vehicles to come in the next year, as we reveal the amazing projects we're working on behind the scenes!